Hello! I Artyom and this is my wiki page.
It's me, somewhere in Khakassia, went for blueberries.
A little about me. My name is Arem, I'm 22 years, I am a student of Siberian State Aerospace University named after M. F. Reshetnev.
In 2010 I finished the Aerospace college. Of all the things I loved are programming, as this subject is kind of a creative way to realization. My hobby. I love to draw, and rather professionally draw, although there were no art schools did not finish, I am self-taught. Just realize their creative skills in computer graphics. Among others, I love computer games.
347c106bf6d4.jpgmy list of favorite games.
Game name
Game name
Game Series Half-Life
World of WarCraft
Thief Dark Age
Thief 2: Metal Age
Thief 3: Deadly Shadows
Metro 2033
Here are some of my many favorite movies.

In music I have different preferences, here are a few sound tracks.